Operating Rules

1. Introductory provisions

    The founder and operator of the premises is Harlequin s.r.o., with its registered office at Na Louži 19a, Prague, ID: 24711179 (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator")
    Areas of the premises are designed for the operation of the laser game.
    The premises consist mainly of "Reception on the Bar", "Preparatory Rooms" and Game Room, ie "Arena"
    Users of the arena may be individuals or groups in agreement with the arena administrator.
    The user of the arena (hereinafter referred to as the "player") is obliged to adhere to the agreed time in advance and to play only the game of laser games in the playing area (unless otherwise agreed by the administrator in advance). Furthermore, he is obliged to follow the rules of safety and property protection at all times and to observe the instructions of the arena administrator or another authorized person, see Article 3 of these Operating Rules.

2. Operation and management of the pitch

    For the smooth operation of the arena, the administrator is responsible, tel .: +420 602 315 790, e-mail: pavel@halamka.cz.
    The lease can be arranged by phone at the mentioned telephone number or e-mail address in point 2 of these Operating Rules, using the website www.lasergame-praha.cz in the booking section or personally in the premises.
    By choosing the fees listed on the above mentioned websites, the administrator or other authorized person is charged with it.
    Spaces are open all year, with the exception of some public holidays and days required for game room maintenance. Information on these facts will be made available through the website in due time.
    Opening hours are listed on the above mentioned websites.
    The premises can also be used outside the specified opening hours on the basis of a previous agreement.
    If the player is unable to comply with the agreed time, he / she must report the change no later than 24 hours before the specified date. If he does not do so, the administrator is entitled not to accept further orders from that customer.

3. Safety and property protection

    In the interests of safety and undisturbed sports, only players are allowed to enter the arena.
    Players entering the Arena are required to behave with care and caution to prevent possible injury or damage to health and property.
    Players are required to adhere to the security rules and instructions of the trustee or its authorized person.
    The following are prohibited in the arena:
        entry into unsuitable footwear (polluted footwear, heel boots, etc., sporty closed footwear)
        playing without clothing (the vest can not be on the bare body)
        inserting or manipulating sharp and otherwise dangerous objects (eg knives, scissors,
        glass bottles, etc.)
        relocation or handling
        objects outside specified locations
        drink or food intake and their consumption
        chewing gum and chewing gum
        entry to suspects
        Smoking and entry with animals without muzzle and leash is prohibited throughout the area.

    The player is required to report any defect to the field manager immediately.
    The Administrator (or any person authorized by him / her) reserves the right to declare from the playing area any person who does not comply with the rules set out in these Operating Regulations, at any time (even in the case of non-play) and without compensation. This is without prejudice to the right of the administrator to claim damages.
    Each player enters the arena at his own risk.

4. Final Provisions

By entering the game space, the player confirms that he was familiar with both

the operating rules, the rules of the laser game, and in particular the rules of safety, and accept these rules without reservation.