Dear valued visitors,

Here is a short guide on how it works at our arena. Each game takes 15 minutes of net time. There is a five-minute break between the games to hand over the vests and brief the next group.



We recommend darker clothing and sports shoes (the arena is darkened; there is an artificial fog, but there is ultraviolet light and therefore bright things, especially white, are illuminated and you are an easy target to be ’shot down’).


Before putting on the vests

Upon arrival at the Harlequin Laser Game reception, you can choose the game mode: there is the option of each against all (Deathmatch) or the Team Game where you can build a maximum of five teams. Teams should have the same number of players because smaller teams have a certain advantage. The shooter scores 100 points for an opponent's hit while the opponent loses -50 points, so that teams with fewer players are less likely to earn negative points than teams with more players and hence have more chance of winning.

You can also choose a colour of your team (red, blue, green, yellow, pink, ocean light blue). Another thing you can choose is a game environment, which means what music will accompany your performance. You can pick from:

• James Bond 007

• Star Wars

• Mortal Combat

• Transformers

• Terminator

Now it is necessary to report to or write down your player names (nicknames) for the staff attendant. It is possible to enter names into the system without diacritics and also with information about division into teams. If you have everything ready in advance, or come early ahead of the start of your game (ideally 15-20 minutes before), you will not delay yourself or others.

After the staff of our arena has prepared everything, and the time of your game has come, you are alerted, while the TV above the reception will show a scheme of your names and assigned vests.

So put on your vests and let the battle begin!


Putting on vests and briefing

Each vest has a numeric designation that is assigned to your name as shown on the TV screen above. It is necessary to put the vest with the display facing forward (your name is lit on the display), then to fasten the buckles on the sides of the vest and adjust them according to your physical constitution. The last thing to do is to unclip the gun from the lock to which it is attached.

In case of a group of children, we kindly ask the parents or the accompaniment for maximum cooperation so that the staff can keep to the time schedule.

There are two buttons on the gun - the trigger and the yellow button on the front left side. During the game, it is necessary to hold the yellow button, too, otherwise the gun will not fire (you are also warned by a sound signal that something is wrong). So hold the yellow button while pulling the trigger.

Hits are possible on all light-emitting diodes of the opponent, that is:

• Vest front and back

• Shoulder diodes

• Gunfire diodes

After you are hit on your light-emitting diodes, you are alerted by a sound signal and as well as by white flashing of your vest. This takes five seconds, after which your player's life is restored. You are immortal for the first second – if somebody chases you at that time, their attempt will go awry.

Another important thing is that there is the Pod of the Arena, hence a point on the ceiling of the arena that either glows red or flashes in colour.

This Pod can be hit by your gun when it is active - thus when it glows red. What is more, you have to stand directly under it as you cannot hit it from afar. Players must rotate under the Pod since it cannot be hit by the same player twice at a time.

After a proper hit of the Pod:

• In case of the Deathmatch, your vest goes out and you become invisible for 30 seconds

• In case of the Team Game, the colour of your vest will change to the colour of one of the opposite teams, and you are a ‘secret agent’, which lasts for 30 seconds. You cannot hit even your own team (only if the Friendly Fire game is active, see below)


Beware of the cunning side of the Pod! As long as you do not pay attention to the Pod for a long time or stay too often under it, it will aim at you, by which you will be alerted by your vest, and if you do not hide quickly, the Pod will hit you.

There is a 75 point score for the hit of the Pod and loss of -150 points if you are hit by the Pod.

That is all you need to know before the game, so now let’s rise up against the opponents!


During the game

During the game, your safety is important. Injuries can occur if you are moving too fast around the arena or paying no attention to the surroundings. This is when you may collide with a player or with a very hard obstacle.

You had better not run at all but rather carefully watch out for players and obstacles. Your health is the first priority!

One more important note: do not climb on obstacles. They are not designed to that, and you may fall in and cause injury.

Anyway, if anything happens to you during the game, go out of the arena, our staff will take care of you.


After the game

At the end of the game, please leave the arena, attach the gun to the vest lock and then put the vest on the hook with the relevant number. If you do not put the gun into the lock, the data cable between the gun and the vest becomes very strained, can get damaged and, as a result, the vest may not work for the next game.

The staff will show you the results of your game on the monitor and print out the details, which you can take away with you.

We hope that this guide will contribute to your satisfaction in our Harlequin Laser Game Arena!


More options (for advanced players)

Particularly Thick Fog (you can see almost nothing), extra charge 10 CZK per player

Friendly Fire (possible hitting also your teammates - teams)

Laser Machine Gun (after pressing the trigger, rounds instead of a single shot are fired)

combining two games into one, 30 minutes of uninterrupted game (but you get the works - for this one, you have to be in a good shape :-)). It is also possible to combine multiple games, for example, so if you are an ultramarathon runner, this is an ideal training: D.


By using the arena you agree to our operating rules, which are published at www.lasergameharlequin.cz.


Enjoy the game!